Jul 21,2016

Publish By:Beatrix Vereijken

Development of eLife intervention in Lausanne June 6-7 2016

Several PreventIT partners met in Lausanne in Switzerland June 6-7, 2016, to discuss and put together pieces of work required for the electronic version of the LiFE intervention (eLiFE) to work as intended. The coordinator of PreventIT, Jorunn L Helbostad, described the work performed by the consortium as a ‘cog wheel’: Each of the elements of the work performed has to work together in order for the mHealth system to work as intended. And, we seem to be on track! An exercise database has been developed and instructions translated. The development of the smartphone application delivering the intervention has made good progress, and we have made important decisions on which behavioural change components to use to facilitate good uptake and long term change in behaviour. We are in the process of identifying important risk factors for functional decline that will later be used to screen people for functional fitness and for personalising the intervention. We are also in the process of developing a metric to assess complexity in behaviour. One pilot study testing out the PreventIT exercise concept (aLiFE) has already been performed. Based on the good progress in PreventIT so far, we find it realistic to run the eLiFE pilot study as planned in October 2016 in Trondheim, Amsterdam, and Stuttgart. This will be the first real test on how the mobile health system we are developing is working in real life!