Nov 6,2018

Publish By:Beatrix Vereijken

eLife innovation is nominated for the Innovation Radar Prize!

We are very proud to announce that the eLiFE innovation that we developed in the PreventIT EU project is nominated for the Radar Innovation Prize in the Technology for Society category! If you agree that prevention and healthy ageing are important, please support us and give eLiFE your vote here:


The eLiFE program is recognized as an impactful innovation that can help to prevent age-related functional decline. Within the PreventIT project, the successful original LiFE program was adapted to a younger age group between 60-70 years (aLiFE, adapted Life). The program was then implemented on a smartphone-smartwatch combination in the form of an app that delivers a personalized exercise program that is aligned with the individual’s own goals, tracks daily activities, and motivates users to change their daily routines into a more active lifestyle (eLiFE).

Within PreventIT, we have developed technologies for predicting and preventing functional decline in the young elderly. Our eLiFE intervention uses smartphones and smartwatches for delivery and provides timely encouraging messages and feedback. Instructions are provided through videos and texts within the PreventIT app and users can monitor their strength, balance, and physical activities. Furthermore, we developed a Risk Screening Tool within the project that offers an objective and standardized prediction model for the markers of functional decline.

Our 1-year feasibility study showed that users were very positive about the program and reported sustained behavioral change towards a more active lifestyle. This is the first time a program like this is tested over a longer period of time. Further research and development of the system and eventually a market introduction is being investigated and projected.