White Paper of the Project Results in PreventIT (Deliverable 8.2)

Full paper: D8.2.White paper of project results first release.v1.0

This deliverable reports on the results that have been obtained so far, half-way through the PreventIT project, in the form of a white paper that covers the development of i) the content and behavioural change strategy of the lifestyle-integrated intervention, ii) tools for risk screening and profiling, iii) the back-end and front-end technology of the mHealth system under development in PreventIT, the so-called iPAS, and iv) intervention outcomes regarding functional performance and behavioural complexity. It also reports on two pilot studies that tested the two intervention arms on a sample from the target population of young older adults, and on the feasibility study that is in progress. The deliverable is part of Work Package 8 on Dissemination and exploitation. The objectives of WP8 are to i) disseminate evidence for the benefit of risk reduction interventions to older people, carers, and health care services, ii) to enhance the outreach of PreventIT at local, national, European, and international levels to help raise awareness for active, healthy ageing and promote personalised ICT-based interventions, and iii) to identify exploitable project results and develop and implement a business plan for marketable products and services.